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City of Gold (1980)

Since having been vaccinated four times does not, apparently, make you immune from COVID, I have had a lot of time on my hands the last four days and managed to make a dent in the small-ish number of Carnegie winners that I’ve not yet read. Today I finished City of Gold and other stories…

Updates from our Carnegie Reading Group

A year on and our Carnegie Reading Group is still going strong. We are a group of current and ex-Goldsmiths MA students who meet on a 3-weekly basis to discuss one of the Carnegie Medal Winners. As you may have seen in previous blogposts I kicked off this ‘project’ back in April or May 2020.…

The Making of Man (1960)

The Making of Man by I W Cornwall , illustrated by M Maitland Howard, is a non-fiction book about the evolution of the human race. It has been superceeded by other titles and is long since out of print. In fact it is the last non-fiction book which won the Carnegie Medal. Possibly the committee…

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